Yasir Hussain Unleashed Reality Of Their Relationship

yasir hussain and iqra aziz

The Love fowls have been all the rage as far back as Yasir proposed Iqra on Lux Style Award. Many were glad to see the couple cheerful however there were numerous other people who thought it was altogether arranged.

As of late, Iqra Aziz’s sister Sidra Aziz posted an image of the couple on her Instagram with a lovely inscription that she was glad to see her sister venturing into an incredible period and favored recently drawn in couple. The image turned into a web sensation on the web.

After her post, individuals kicked inquisitive and off addressing how Iqra can wear a similar dress and have a similar look she had in one of her photos she posted in February? They turned into a government operative and demonstrated that the couple was locked in previously and all the proposition thing was simply Fake.

Yasir Hussain just took to Instagram to affirm everything to his fans. He said that he and Iqra had their ‘Baat Pakki’ function with dear loved ones back in February. Yasir put a ring on Iqra’s hand publically during LSA with the goal that individuals can quit addressing about their connection. They are content with one another. Farieha Altaf uncovered that the couple will get hitched in December and are truly amped up for everything.

What do you all need to state about Yasir’s remark? It was a pleasant move that Yasir affirmed everything without anyone else. May the couple remain cheerful and in affection until the end of time.