What is unique in top 10 Pakistani dramas 2018?

Bella pur ki Dine

There are several dramas that are produced to entertain people in Pakistan. The history of Pakistani Drama is as old and as rich as Pakistan is. It is the fact that Pakistani drama is admired due to strong story and acting in all over the world. Both comedy and funny dramas are famous due to strong dialogues, story and acting. The top 10 Pakistani dramas 2018 have the solid grip over the audiences. But there are some movies that are considered very entertaining and are all time favorite. The characters of these top Pakistani dramas are equally famous in the world. There is a great number of drams in the top Pakistani dramas list that are coming into the category of the most famous. Here is the list of top ten dramas of this year.

  1. 1. Khaani

  2. Khaani is best drama of 2018 which is playing on Geo tv and written by by Asma Nabeel. Pakistani drama Khaani is very popular in audience. Drama Khaani cast name are Sana Javed, Feroz Khan, Mehmood Aslam, Saman Ansari, Salma Hassan, Rashid Farooqi and more.
  3. 2. Ghar Titli ka par

  4. Ghar Titli ka par pics
  5. Ghar Titli ka par is very popular Pakistani drama which is directed by Mohsin Talat. Its also Geo tv drama and produced by 7th sky entertainment. Ghar Titli ka par cast name are Sanam Chaudhry, Aiman Khan and Shahzad Shaikh who are playing lead role in this drama.
  6. 3.Alif Allah aur Insaan

  7. Popular hum tv drama Alif Allah aur Insaan is produced by Momina Duraid. This is longest show of year 2017 and 2018. Alif Allah aur Insaan cast are Ushna Shah, Mikaal Zulfiqar, Kubra Khan, Shehzad Sheikh, Imran Ashraf and Sana Nawaz.
  8. 4.O Rangreza

  9. O Rangreza
  10. Other super hit hum tv drama O Rangreza is written by Saji Gul and dierected by Kashif Nasir. O Rangreza cast name are Bilal Abbas Khan, Sajal Ali and Noman Ijaz.
  11. 5.Khamoshi

  12. Khamoshi
  13. Hum drama Khamoshi is most watched drama of 2018 also. Drama Khamoshi is produced by Momina Duraid.
  14. 6.Sang-e-marmar

  15. Sang-e-marmar
  16. Hum tv drama Sang-e-marmar is romantic drama which is directed by Saife Hassan and produce by Momina Duraid. Pakistani drama Sang-e-marmar cast are Mikaal Zulfikar, Noman Ijaz, Kubra Khan and more.
  17. 7.Dar si jaati hey Sila

  18. Dar si jaati hey Sila

  19. Other Hum tv hit drama is Dar si jaati hey sila produced by Momina Duraid and directed by Kshif Nasir. Dar si jaati hey sila caste name are Noman Ijaz, Yumna Zaid, Saman Hassan and Saleem Sheikh.
  20. 8.Teri Raza

  21. Ary Digital drama Tery Raza is also popular drama of Pakistan which is directed by Naila Ansari. Teri Raza cast name are Sanam Baloch, Shehroz Sabzwari, Sarmad Khoosat and Ayesha Khan.
  22. 9.Bulbuley

  23. Bulbuley
  24. Most Most Popular in child to elder comedy family sitcom is Bulbulay which is directed by Rana Rizwan.
  25. 10.Bella pur ki Dine

  26. Bella pur ki Dine
  27. Bella Pur ki Dine is hororr drama which is playing on Hum tv. Drama bella pur ki dine is going to popular day by day. Cast: Sarah Khan, Amar Khan, Adnan Siddiqui, Osama Tahir and Rayyan Ibrahim.
  28. What is unique in Pakistani Drama?
  29. Acting is a special and interesting form of art that relates to the emotions, sentiments and drama. The top Pakistani dramas express the inner feelings of a common man very clearly in an appropriate and impressive way. It can be known as the perfect entertainment both for performers and for the viewers. The trend of acting is getting popularity these days. Amusement is a fundamental component in life and these top 10 Pakistani dramas 2018 offer this fun to every viewer. It upgrades the productivity by refreshing you and your mind. Everybody needs some time for refreshment daily to raise the execution of the physical organs and in addition the psyche.

The relationship in the between the arts and excitement is profound in light of the fact that both are identified with one another. Acting is the innovation that delivers the satisfaction of the soul. You can have some good times by having a sound diversion through the medium of performing art. It communicates your feelings and emotions effectively.

Funny Drama

Bulbuley is one of the top funny dramas in the Pakistani dramas list. This is the drama is admired due the fun creating environment at the vast level. Hina DilPazeer as momo is the soul of the drama. Nabeel, Ayesha Omer and Mehmood Aslam play their role at the peak of their art.


The concepts of the Pakistani drama are always new and thought provoking such as Dar si jaati hey sila. It is about the inferiority of the women. This is a drama that is related to the common conservative thought about inferiority of Women. Educating a woman is as important as educating a man. In subcontinent girls are treated as inferior person in the home. They do not get any kind of encouragement from their childhood. In this drama, Sila and her mother were discouraged in all phases. The message behind this drama is to encourage women because they are talented and have same rights.