What Firdous Jamal Has To Say About Mahira Khan

mahira and firdous

Mahira Khan has been in the news a great deal recently due to her up and coming film Superstar. She has been getting acclaim from a portion of the pundits for at long last leaving her shell and huge amounts of affection from over the fringe too. In any case, similar to they say, it’s not possible to satisfy everybody so it appears that some of Mahira Khan’s more youthful and more established co-stars have things to state about her which essentially demonstrate that they need to either observe Mahira Khan assuming jobs which are not normal for other people, progressively like rehashing herself or she is somebody who is out and out unremarkable!

Faysal Qureshi has this extraordinary portion on his show where he demonstrates his visitors photos of specific VIPs and requests that they offer guidance to these famous people. The board in this specific show comprised of youthful and old entertainers. Sana Sarfraz, Firdous Jamal, Hamza Firdous and Aadi were visitors on the show.

Sana Sarfraz said that while she truly admired Mahira Khan, she was of the assessment that Mahira Khan didn’t have to do what every other person was at that point doing. Hamza Firdous concurred with her and said that subsequent to demonstrating her grit globally, Mahira Khan is a wellspring of motivation for some. He additionally refreshing Mahira Khan’s move moves in the new melodies of her forthcoming film Superstar. Faysal Qureshi was very fair and obtuse while imparting his insight. He said that up to this point all of Mahira Khan’s movies had been finished lemon. He trusted that in any event this time around, her film would have been a hit.

Firdous Jamal’s comments were more straight forward than others. Firdous Jamal in all respects certainly imparted his insight and said that Mahira Khan didn’t have what it took to be a courageous woman. He was sorry for his gruffness and said that Mahira Khan is a fair kind of a model, she is anything but a decent on-screen character. He additionally said that Mahira Khan was overage and she shouldn’t assume these jobs of courageous women at this age. He additionally recommended that she should begin assuming the jobs of moms in movies. Firdous Jamal is plainly not a fan!

Aadi mentioned Mahira Khan to like Faysal Qureshi, the manner in which he enjoys her. In one of the past shows Faysal Qureshi shared the amount he loved Mahira Khan. The most fascinating piece is that in the remarks segment many individuals concurred with Firdous Jamal. Is Mahira Khan losing her appeal?