The Role I am Doing Right Now Isn’t a Typical Hero, Ahad Raza Mir

Ahad Raza

These days it appears that all saints who had confidence in playing attractive hunk sort of characters are changing their concept of “a legend”. This generalization has been broken by Imran Ashraf right now as he played Bhola and moved toward becoming all the rage amidst the prominence and evaluations of Romantic characters.

Likewise, Ahad Raza Mir said so in his most recent meeting

The possibility of saint is changing and needs to change. Take Imran Ashraf’s job as Bhola. He was the lead entertainer however not an ordinary saint.

He said this in his meeting with Dawn Images.

He stated, ” The job I am doing well presently is certainly not an average hero either”.

He is a beset fellow. We are posing the inquiry. What does extreme youth injury do to an individual”

So now obviously Bilal Abbas, Ahad Raza Mir are additionally joining the class of Faysal Quraishi, Zahid Ahmad, Imran Ashraf who have confidence in playing complex characters not simply doing the great help characters as society is brimming with complexities that is the reason individuals acknowledged Ahsan khan in Udaari on the grounds that such individuals do exist in the public eye and should be uncovered.