See What’s Reaction of Mohsin Abbas Haider’s On Getting Khula From Fatima Sohail

Mohsin Abbas Haider

Fatima Sohail has petitioned for khula from Mohsin Abbas Haider. She has blamed Mohsin for tormenting her and ambushing her. She told the court that her significant other has an extramarital illicit relationship with Nazish Jahangir in light of which she can not keep on living with him. Fatima further mentioned the court to endorse her khula request.

Mohsin Haider was discovered blameworthy of undermining his better half. Fatima said that her better half has been beating, blaming and attacking her since they got married in 2015. She further included that Mohsin took 5million from her dad and struck her when she requested that he pay back the cash.

Mohsin posted on his web-based social networking account that he is at last free from the torment he was enduring for a long time of marriage. He said that he kept himself calm since Fatima was in his nikkah. He proceeded by saying that he can’t live with a liar and accused his better half that she uses to go to the gatherings and is a medication fanatic.

Mohsin straightforwardly said that he can compose a book about his 4 harmful years which he went through with his significant other. He even called that Fatima’s family is appalling. He said thanks to God and feel fulfilled now for hearing the uplifting news about khula.

How might one be so bold? After all the confirmation, despite everything he calls himself blameless and not liable. Fatima remained solid on her words and is at long last getting free from the beast. How about we hold on to perceive what will occur straightaway.