Sami Khan’s New Film Yaar Ve Set To Release In 2020

sami khan

We have been posting about Sami Khan for some time, in our past news about Sami Khan We uncovered the photos of him with Javed Sheik , Ali Sikandar and Marina Khan in Thailand and we referenced that it is from their up and coming task which hasn’t been uncovered at this point as Sami Khan told in his live session that “I am taking a shot at an exceptionally intriguing film about which I will reveal to you later”.

Folks we have discovered that presumably those photos and sneak pinnacles were of his up coming film “Yaara Ve ”

The report about the film was uncovered by film industry bits of knowledge and the subtleties are very coordinated with the photographs we shared.

The film “yaara ve” will star our overly capable and attractive Sami Khan and the lovely Aleeze Nasser in the number one spot. Also, it has been taken shots globally at different excellent areas.

The notable Indian script-writer Althea Kaushal has written down the account of ‘Yaara Vey’. Althea has recently worked with prestigious Indian executives including Sanjay Leela Bhansali and furthermore, with Farah Khan.

Yaara Vey will likewise star Faizan Khwaja, Marina Khan, Javed Sheik, and Ali Sikandar.

Sami Khan has given hit film ‘Wrong No. 2’ on Eid-ul-Fitr and his up and coming film ‘Kaaf Kangana’ is likewise set to discharge on 25th October 2019. He is likewise coming in numerous shows and every one of them are consecutive hits .Inkar and Ishq Zahe Naseeb have left us in awe and wonderment.

Here are the news pictures of Sami Khan.