Pakistani lookalike of Tyrion Lannister Did His First TV Advertisement

rozi khan

Rozi Khan, a server at a nearby café in Pakistan stunned everybody a couple of months prior with his uncanny similarity to “Game of Throne’s” most adored character “Tyrion Lannister”.

Rozi Khan’s size and face takes after such a great amount with entertainer “Peter Dinklage” that he in a split second turned into a viral sensation in Pakistan and around the globe.

Today, he has quite recently showed up in a TV plug by “Cheetay”. The business has numerous references to “Game of Thrones” and it couldn’t be more an ideal time to have him show up in a business when GOT’s season 8 is going solid.

Until a couple of months prior, Rozi had never known about “Tyrion or Peter Dinklage”, however after somebody discovered him and posted his photograph on the web, he has discovered moment popularity.

The likeness of the two isn’t simply constrained to their faces, they have similar highlights as well. Both are 135 cm tall and have a similar hair style.

Rozi Khan now wants to meet “Peter Dinklage” one day wishes to work in films.