Most Awaited Top Pakistani Upcoming Movies 2018


In the Pakistani industry, where every film gives you feeling” it is same”, It is an old idea” and all that. It means viewers want to see a unique idea. The “wow” factor must come out. The marketing domain becomes saturated with several Pakistani movies that make the audience feel that they have trapped. In Pakistan, the industry has been making numerous films but few films can click the viewers. Movie making is the process that needs creativity as well as to use your best talent. There are some upcoming movies in 2018 that contain all the material to inspire the viewers. These attention grabbing new movies are given below.

  1. maulajatt2 pic
  2. Maula Jatt 2
  3. It is one of the upcoming movies in 2018. This is the re-make of an old movie Maula jatt, in that movie the title role was played by Sultan Rahi. It was the block buster hit of that time and gave a break to the industry. The stylized update of this film is the Maula Jatt 2 and the title role is played by Fawad Khan. The other cast is Adnan Jaffar, Sanam jung, Hamza Ali Abbasi and others. Its date of release has not been announced yet. Without doing derogatory and preachy, the film maker has formed light-hearted and cost-effective movie. It has attracted the audience with its new technology concept.
  4. zarrar movie poster
  1. Zarrar
  2. It is shot in the United Kingdom and Pakistan. It has the remarkable spending plans till today. Kiram Malik, a famous Pakistani model is starring in the movie. She is playing her role against Shaan. Davis Laurence a British star is acting in this movie. A new idea is used in this film. The motivational video clips and this film are great in terms of using talent and the idea that is used in this movie. The concept is simple and leaves a thought provoking message with minimal but solid branding.
  3. Parwaz hey Junoon poster
  1. Parwaz hey Junoon
  2. It is one of the best new movies. Starring Hamza Ali Abbasi as a PAF pilot increases the curiosity of the audience. It is a tribute to Pakistan military. Momina Duraid has produced this film. Hania Amir, Kubra Khan, Marina Kahn, Ahad Raza Mir and others are the cast of the film. Loyalty of Pak force is the source to distribute peace to the nation. This is an award winning thought that provides solidity to thoughts. The actors work in the film at their best because everything is accurately acted.
  3. Waar2 pic
  1. Waar 2
  2. This is the film that can change the traditional style of the Pakistani movies. The cast of the film is Shaan Shahid, Ayube Khoso, Bilal Ashraf and others. Hassan Waqas Rana has coordinated the film and it is expected to release in 2018. This film shows that the dark ages of film making has come to an end. It’s great because the idea behind this film is amazing. In this film, motto is “change your Life”. The movie Waar is amazing and full of entertainment.