Mazaaqraat Without Mohsin Abbas Is Not Mazaaqraat – Fans Say

Mazaaqraat is on air after the recently recorded shows without Mohsin Abbas Haider and Qaiser Pia, both were vital piece of the show. Qaiser Pia is missing from show since he was headed toward Saudia Arab to perform Hajj however Mohsin was terminated from Duniya TV, after the debate, the principal show of eid was disclosed and individuals didn’t care for the show without Mohsin Abbass Haider and Qaiser Pia, the new person is neglecting to catch eye or perhaps individuals are so joined with Mohsin Abbas Haider, that they are not tolerating him by any stretch of the imagination, it appears that comics are not really bringing chuckling in light of the fact that the show’s normal has been aggravated by two of primary individuals.

The way Mohsin used to portray the ballads were snidely flawless, the new moderator is excessively typical or articulation less. Mohsin ‘s order on singing is missed and we are not simply manufacturing a story, here we are appending the vast majority of the remarks where individuals are stating that without Mohsin show ought to be killed or show appears to be phony without Mohsin and bring Dj back.

Well we expectation and wish Mohsin to be back soon.