Khalil-ur-Rehman Says He’s Biggest Feminist of Pakistan But…


Popular essayist Khalil-ur-Rehman is known for his dangerous perspectives about ladies. In an ongoing meeting, he called himself ‘women’s activist’ and shared his perspectives about ladies.

‘Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar in a meeting protected his thoughts and ‘Theory’ around how he sees society.

He discussed his popular dramatization sequential ‘Unimportant Pass Tum Ho’ and shared, “It (Mere Pass Tum Ho) is an account of a few men, not only one. I have gone over different hitched couples who experience a similar difficulty. I’ve seen when a hitched lady cheats, she doesn’t feel embarrassed by any means. The purpose for her not feeling regretful is on the grounds that she has been sponsored by another man. At the point when an unmarried lady cheats, she feels regretful.”

He likewise expressed, “Yet when a wedded man double-crosses his better half, he feels regretful. He feels humiliated.”

Khalil likewise said that ladies shouldn’t scrutinize Mere Pass Tum Ho and shared, “I’m just portraying this story in your [women’s] support. Like it or not, I don’t consider each lady a lady. To me, the main lovely attribute a lady can have is her unwaveringness and her haya/unobtrusiveness. In the event that a lady isn’t steadfast, at that point she isn’t a lady. Register a FIR against me for on the off chance that you don’t buy in to my perspective yet I won’t move.”

He likewise shared, “Get somebody to attempt me under #MeToo, I won’t think about that either. Be that as it may, I won’t have the option to consider each lady a lady. That just isn’t valid for me.”

He proceeded and discussed how he is battling for good ladies and stated, “A man leaves all his respect, his confidence with his better half when he goes out to procure a living. What’s more, I revile those ladies who disregard that trust. That was the idea driving Mere Pass Tum Ho as I’m battling for the ‘great ladies’. It is out of line to these [good] ladies to be grouped alongside the individuals who aren’t steadfast.”

He called himself women’s activist and shared, “Trust me, you’ll not locate a greater women’s activist in Pakistan, yet I battle for good ladies as it were. Reliability is a lady’s prudence; don’t challenge it.”

“Half a month prior, a women’s activist gathering had a discussion with me in regards to uniformity. I inquired as to whether they’ve at any point caught wind of a pack of men capturing a lady? They guaranteed me they have. I asked them then for what good reason don’t ladies do likewise? In the event that you wish to take a stab at balance, at that point hijack men also. Ransack a transport, assault a man, so I can comprehend what you [women] mean by fairness.”

“As opposed to making sense of your own privileges, you’re just asking your part from men’s privileges. That is never going to occur! The most one of these women’s activist gatherings can do is serenade trademarks against me, tweet two or three thousand tweets however that is it! Ladies can’t do whatever else.”

Qamar accepts if ladies somehow happened to challenge men the entire society will crumple.

“I was once in discussion with Sultana Siddiqui, and she asked me, ‘Khalil, why not compose anything against men?’ I asked her what would it be a good idea for me to expound on men? Would it be a good idea for me to manhandle him? I would, however then what? She stated, ‘I don’t get your meaning? Indeed, even men remarry and enjoy extramarital undertakings. For what reason do you be so specific?’ I simply had one inquiry accordingly, ‘However with whom? A lady, right?'”

He accepts on the off chance that a lady disapproves of man, at that point men won’t be enticed to have extramarital illicit relationships. He accuses ladies are the purpose for the extramarital undertakings of men.

He continued saying how ladies are the explanation for the extramarital articulation and supported his musings by saying, “You need to comprehend this way of thinking. A spouse is stressed over what? Another lady. That other lady isn’t a man. So enigma me this: you are devastating a man and you’re the person who’s griping about it also.”

“A man can’t state no. He just can’t. A decent lady can,” he closed.