Imran Khan – New Prime Minister of Pakistan – Biography, Struggle, Work, Wiki

Imran Khan is well-known and recognized personality around the globe by virtue of his social work for mankind. Other than these activities, he is furthermore a Cricket intellectual, Chancellor of the Bradford University and manager. Imran Khan is one of the notable personalities of Pakistan. Imran Khan is a political individual and head of “Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf”. Imran Khan has such countless and especially youth is stay with him for making “Naya Pakistan”.

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Early Life:

Imran Khan, born on November 25th 1952 in Lahore. He played cricket for Pakistan for about 20 years in late 20th century and after his retirement from cricket he shared in administrative issues.

Imran Khan is from the “Niazi Pashtun Shermankhel” faction of Mianwali, Pakistan. Imran Khan’s family lives in the city of Lahore. Khan’s mother “Shaukat Khanum” belonged to a cricket playing faction “Burki family”, with two of his relatives named “Majid Khan” and “Javed Burki”  were in Cricket for Pakistan.

Imran Khan went to “Aitchison College” and “The Cathedral School” of Lahore until the point when the moment that he finished focus school, after that Imran Khan entered the “Royal Grammar School”, Worcester for further education, at that time he did not have completed his proper education with an advanced education in economical viewpoints from “Keble College”, Oxford. While at University, Imran was moreover the captain of the “Oxford University Cricket Team” in 1974.


Imran Khan is the primary Pakistani captain that drove his country to win in 1992 Cricket World Cup. He was the finest captain ever. He remained in cricket for Pakistan from (1972 to 1992) and served his country as a captain of the team from (1982 to 1992). When he was 39, Imran Khan drove Pakistani team to joy in 1992 Cricket World Cup. It was the very 1st time for the Pakistan to achieve highest award of the Cricket.  Imran khan was named into the “ICC Cricket Hall of Fame”.in July of 2016.

Married Life:

1st Marriage:

Imran Khan wedded not only once but thrice to three altogether different ladies. He wedded Jemima Khan who additionally happened to be his sweetheart in 1995. He got blessed with 2 children from Jemima named them Qasim Khan and Suleman Isa Khan. But sadly they got separated due to some circumstances.

2nd Marriage:

He after that point wedded Reham Khan in the year 2015 which was additionally not exceptionally productive marriage and could not stay till long.

3rd Marriage:

Thus, After Imran Khan getting separated from Reham Khan, He as of late hitched with Bushra Manika in the year 2018.

Charity Work:

“Shaukat Khanam Memorial Trust” worked in 1991 at Lahore Punjab. He set out the foundation of this magnanimity affiliation, the affiliation bear’s the name of his mother “Shaukat Khanam”. It was the primary development recuperating focus natural in Pakistan, created with the endowments and finances assembled by Khan all around globe. After that he opened second hospital of same name in Peshawar which is helping a lot of people in getting cured from cancer.  And now he plans to open its third branch in Karachi.

Political Life:

After retiring from cricket, Imran Khan turned into a candid commentator of government blunder and debasement in Pakistan. He established his own particular political gathering, “Tehreek-e-Insaf” in 1996. Then he started struggling. He did not win any seat in 1997 elections. But secured a seat in National Assembly in 2002 for himself. Then Imran Khan boycotted Parvez Musharraf’s rule and resigned from National Assembly. He did not participate in 2008 elections.

In the months paving the way to the authoritative races planned for mid-2013, Imran Khan and his gathering drew extensive groups at energizes and pulled in the help of a few veteran government officials from Pakistan’s built up parties.

In any case, in 2013 PML-N wom the races and Imran Khan blamed the PML-N for gear the races. After his requires an examination went neglected, he and other restriction pioneers drove four months of riots in late 2014 keeping in mind the end goal to weight Sharif to advance down.

The riots neglected to expel Sharif, however doubts of debasement were intensified when the Panama Papers connected his family to seaward possessions. Imran Khan sorted out another arrangement of riots in late 2016 yet canceled them at last after the Supreme Court consented to open an examination. The examination excluded Sharif from holding open office in 2017, and he was compelled to leave from office. Imran Khan, in the interim, was additionally uncovered to have had seaward property at the same time, in a different case, was not excluded by the Supreme Court.

Becoming Prime Minister Of Pakistan:

Elections 2018 were held the next year, in July 2018. Imran Khan kept running on a stage of battling defilement and destitution, even as he needed to ward off allegations that he was excessively comfortable with the military foundation. “Tehreek-e-Insaf” won a majority of seats in the National Assembly, enabling Imran Khan to look for an alliance with autonomous individuals from parliament. He ended up Being Prime Minister of Pakistan after 22 long years of struggle on August 18th, 2018.