Fatema Sohail’s Sad Story Wife of Mohsin Abbas Haider

mohsin and fatema

Another stunning abusive behavior at home case surprises Pakistan web based life as Fatima, spouse of surely understood television figure Mohsin Abbas Haider, shares her tragic story.

Fatima took to her Social media pages to viralize her agonizing story. Titling it “Zulim Bardast kerna bhi Qunah hai”, the unfortunate casualty at long last appeared to disregard all companion weight and rise on Facebook with a story that moved the entire nation.

“My name is Fatima and I am the spouse of Mohsin Abbas Haider. Here is my story.

On 26th Nov 2018, I found that my better half Mohsin Abbas Haider had been undermining me. After being stood up to, he returned to physical viciousness as opposed to being contrite or symphatic. The most exceedingly awful piece, all things considered, probably won’t be the way that he beat me up, yet the very truth that I was pregnant around then!

He hauled me by my hair, tossed me on floor and kicked me on different occasions. That wasn’t it, Mohsin Abbas Haider punched me on the face and pushed me against the divider.

I was viciously abused by my better half, my alleged guardian!

Damaged by the episodes, I associated with a dear companion rather than my family and was taken to the clinic.

A lot to our disturb, the specialists would not treat me, naming it a “police case. Straight from the episode, I required time to inhale and unwind, before I recorded a police protest.

At the point when ultra sound outcomes turned out, I inhaled a murmur of alleviation in light of the fact that my infant stayed safe.

You may call it Societal Pressure or my own certainty, however I by one way or another chose to make my marriage work for me and my youngster.

On twentieth May 2019, God favored me with a delightful kid. I needed to experience medical procedure because of a confusion.

While I was in the activity theater in Lahore, my better half Mohsin Abbas Haider was in Karachi laying down with his GF, Nazish Jehangir, who is a rising model/on-screen character.

Following a couple of days, Mohsin started posting discouraging statuses on Social Media to get open consideration. Every single one of my relatives remained by me all through this, bar my life partner.

Mohsin visited following 2 days of conveyance just to take pictures and addition some publicity. He didn’t try determining the status of his infant. It was just a dramatization for social appreciation.

On seventeenth July, I went to Mohsin’s home. I had a go at convincing him to share duty regarding his child. It was then that he begun beating me once more! Mohsin rejected his child!

It was then that I chosen that nothing more will be tolerated!

This is a message for all young ladies out there who are experiencing what I experienced. Hear me out!

Societal Pressure or not but rather there is a cutoff to put a full stop! No 1 else will do it with the exception of us for ourselves.

I have no clue how I will raise my kid alone … however I realize Allah will support me!

I had enough of verbal and physical maltreatment. I had enough of Divorce dangers! Enough!

All evidences are connected with my unique post.

Truth has been spoken! Presently I will see you in court Mr. Mohsin Abbas Haider!”