Donald Trump – American President – Biography, Net Worth, Wiki

Donald Trump

Donald Trump is the 45th leader of the United States of America, and a fiercely effective representative. Trump is presently 72 years of age and has assembled himself a fantastic business domain.

It’s very obvious from taking a gander at Donald Trump’s example of overcoming adversity that he was constantly bound for enormity. He assumed control over his dad’s organization and made it one of the biggest aggregates on the planet.

Net worth of Donald Trump in 2018 is assessed to be $3.1 billion which is much less than in earlier years.

donald trump

Early Life:

Donald Trump was born in Queens, New York on July 14th 1946. Trump had 4 kin, and he went to class with them in Forest Hills at the “Kew-Forest” school.

The issue emerged when he began having different troubles at the school…

His folks concluded that it is best to send him to the “New York Military Academy” when he was 13; ideally to fix him a little and help him coordinate his vitality in to a greater degree a positive way.

Trump was especially into games, playing a blend of football, soccer and baseball. He in the end graduate in 1968 from the “Wharton School” of the University in Pennsylvania after already being at “Fordham University” for a long time.

Marital Status:

Donald Trump was firstly married to Ivana Trump in 1977. But due to some circumstances they got divorced in 1992. Then Donald married to Marla Maples in 1993 but this marriage also did not last and they got separated in 1999. Now Donald Trump is married to Melania Trump in 2005 and they are living a happy life. Melania Trump is first of USA currently.

Professional Life:

Donald Trump’s vocation started at his dad’s organization “Elizabeth Trump and Son”, which was an organization situated in Brooklyn that concentrated on rental lodging for the regular person.

While Trump was in school he attempted a task that included repairing a property his father had bought. The property was a condo complex in “Cincinnati” that subsequent to putting a half million dollars speculation into the property, Trump could offer it for $6.75 million.

This was simply over $1 million more than his father had acquired it for in 1962.

Donald Trump is presently the 45th leader of the United States of America. Numerous individuals are enraged about the result of the decision, and what’s to come is sure, yet the reality remains.


“Elizabeth Trump and Son”, Donald Trump’s dad’s organization, was renamed to “The Trump Organization” in 1971 by Trump when he was given control of the organization. Only 3 years after he joined it full time.

What began off as an organization rotating around white collar class land, has now transformed into an enormous combination, owning a portion of the best structures on the planet including “The Trump World Tower”, rounding up a huge number of benefit.

The Trump association possesses high rises, inns, fairways, vineyards and numerous other awesome land properties. They at present currently have 22,500 representatives.

Donald Trump Net Worth:

In 2018 net worth of Donald Trump is $3.1 billion.

Net Worth:$3.1 Billion
Full Name:Donald John Trump
Born:June 14, 1946
Country of Origin:United States of America
Source of Wealth:Entrepreneur
Spouse:Melania Trump
m. 2005
Marla Maples
m. 1993–1999
Ivana Trump
m. 1977–1992


Donald Trump is, most likely, an extremely fruitful business visionary. Regardless of whether he’s fit to fill in as president that is still addressed by numerous individuals of people in general. And that makes his business counsel extremely significant. In 2018 net worth of Donald Trump is $3.1 billion.