Celebrities Who Were Well-dressed At Hum Awards 2019

hum awards 2019

Hum Awards 2019 was a ritzy occasion where every one of the stars and big names of Pakistani showbiz industry assembled to celebrate, recognize and welcome the quality work that the business has delivered in the earlier year. Murmur Awards 2019 held in Houston, USA united every one of the famous people and they all got an opportunity to grandstand their own style and inclinations. Each grant capacity gives a stage to the big names to stun and create an impression by looking glitzy and flawless and Hum Awards 2019 was the same.

Hum Awards 2019 was gone to by enormous names of the Pakistani showbiz industry and a large portion of them stood apart because of their selection of outfits. Where some neglected to leave an imprint with their outfits and by and large styling, we likewise went over those superstars who were dressed to dazzle. It was a joy to see a great deal of Pakistani famous people investing wholeheartedly in Pakistani style and culture, in view of which they wore conventional dresses.

Here is a rundown committed to the Top 10 Best Dressed Celebrities at Hum Awards 2019:

Asim Azhar

There is a valid justification why Asim Azhar is on the highest priority on this rundown. He won our hearts totally by benefiting as much as possible from this chance to demonstrate his help for Kashmiris. This was the first run through ever that a big name transparently upheld a reason on such a capacity. The planning couldn’t have been increasingly perfect and Asim Azhar’s outfit generally excessively was quite better than average. The shading mix and the planning of his outfit looked flawless. The individual who structured this basic yet incredibly important outfit merits all the credit for being innovative. Asim Azhar could have recently worn the band on his arm however he ensured that he demonstrated his adoration and backing for Kashmir by wearing a took which had “I cherish Kashmir” composed on it. Asim Azhar unquestionably set an incredible point of reference by wearing an important outfit. He kept his haircut and generally speaking look straightforward which went well with the message he was spreading.

Sarah Khan

Effortlessness, tastefulness, fascinate and everything pleasant, Sarah Khan’s whole look is about that on Hum Awards 2019. Sarah Khan is one of those couple of entertainers who firmly have faith in humility. This is the reason Sarah Khan has prevailing with regards to putting this message crosswise over boisterous and clear that one can look completely staggering in an eastern outfit at an honor capacity held universally. A lovely full length gold, beige and white pishwas is a staggering troupe structured by Nilofer Shahid. A lovely theme on the bustier, delightful finished and decorated boards, an extremely lofty looking dupatta and staggering outskirt make this straightforward mix dress totally amazing. Sarah Khan has kept her look basic with her hair center separated and straight, she has additionally gone for an essential cosmetics look. Clearly Sarah Khan needed the emphasis to be on her stunning outfit and she most likely has created an impression. We are glad for Sarah Khan for speaking to Pakistani style on a worldwide level and looking totally lovely. More capacity to her!

Noman Ejaz and Rabia Noman

Noman Ejaz and Rabia Noman, both looked delightful and happened to be best dressed VIPs spotted at Hum Awards 2019. Noman Ejaz selected basic dark shalwar kameez that had a striped surface and he formalized it with a dark silver secured petticoat. This whole look isn’t just exemplary and easy yet is the benevolent that can never turn out badly. Noman Ejaz included fundamental adornments like a gold wrist watch and a ring. Noman Ejaz’s better half Rabia Noman was a head-turner at Hum Awards 2019. She looked totally stunning in this flared emerald green dress. Rabia Noman demonstrated how least complex of dresses can at present work and make you look shocking. She unquestionably invest the exertion and it appears. The velvety dress is a wonderful shade of green and by including an announcement neckband and choker, she has finished her look immaculately. Rabia Noman’s hair and cosmetics are on-fleek also. She merits every one of the compliments for looking so effortless and being incredibly wearing an eastern outfit at Hum Awards 2019.

Bushra Ansari

Bushra Ansari has gone for an exquisite pishwas combined with churidar and a vivid dupatta on Hum Awards 2019. This dazzling ethnic dress is substantial, customary and has the shading mix that can never turn out badly. It is a flat out joy to see Bushra Ansari wearing such an excellent Pakistani conventional outfit and shaking it unhesitatingly. The maroon and grayish pishwas is vigorously adorned with gold, the maroon churidar is complimenting the delightful accents in the dupatta. The dupatta has a ton of hues however it is delightful to see that nothing is going up against one another in this dress and every one of the pieces set up together are making it a wonderful troupe. Bushra Ansari has gone for an overwhelming cosmetics look which happens to be her mark style. Hair backcombed and tied in bun are giving her a formal and advanced look. Bushra Ansari has convincingly saved a spot in the rundown of best superstars spotted at Hum Awards 2019.

Imran Ashraf

Imran Ashraf looked spruce when he appeared in a smooth dark sherwani and fitted pants at Hum Awards 2019. It is continually astounding when our stars speak to and shake Pakistani culture and style on a worldwide level with so a lot of certainty. Imran Ashraf’s outfit was basic and dark, a blend that can never turn out badly. Imran Ashraf looked smooth. He went for spiked hair and a perfect shave and brandished a flawless stubble look.

Hania Aamir

Hania Aamir looked completely dazzling in a plum net saree. Her new hair shading complimented her general look and she wore negligible make up. Hania Aamir typically looks prettier when she wears less make up in this manner we believe that it was an extraordinary thought for her to help a look which wasn’t excessively plain yet wasn’t too pretentious either. One of the principle reasons why Hania looked so lovely was that the shading she wore looked extraordinary on her. The shimmery effect of her outfit likewise looked incredible. Hania Aamir picked everything keenly in this way at last her general look was satisfying.

Urwa Hocane

We are happy Urwa Hocane chosen to wear a customary outfit which was ideal for the event. Urwa’s very own style is easygoing in this way it was great to see her in make up which was unquestionably on the conventional side. The cuts and example of the dress Urwa wore were delightful. She didn’t add a great deal of accomplices to her look however she looked brilliant all things considered. Urwa Hocane’s look demonstrates that occasionally avoiding any risk likewise works best.

Mehwish Hayat

Mehwish Hayat was one of the numerous female superstars who picked a pastel outfit for this honor work. Mehwish Hayat wore a delightful ethnic outfit with a great deal of specifying on it. She likewise avoided any risk similar to the styling and make up is concerned. Mehwish Hayat looked terrific and she conveyed her look with extraordinary certainty. We are happy that Mehwish didn’t choose to wear a Western outfit or dress since we have seen such a significant number of those of late that every such dress look a similar at this point.

Reema Khan

Reema Khan looked agile and beautiful in this white pishwas with gold embellishments on it. The enumerating and structuring of Reema’s dress was on point. Reema was likewise one of those couple of VIPs on this honor show who conveyed the best extras. Her tote and studs looked on a par with her dress. Reema’s make up too gave her a pleasant delicate look. Reema Khan’s general look was truly outstanding on the honor show and she clearly conveyed it incredibly nimbly as well.

Adnan Siddique

Adnan Siddique likewise went for a conventional and great outfit for Hum Awards 2019. He appeared in dark sherwani, fitted pants and amped the plain dark sherwani with rose gold accents as catches. Adnan Siddique likewise tossed in a couple of pilots to finish his look and he utilized them as an extra. Adnan Siddique’s look was straightforward, easy and he looked enchanting.