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50 cent

50 Cent real name Curtis Jackson is an American rap singing, maker, performing artist, and business person from New York, United States.

He is one of the most extravagant rap singers on the planet, notwithstanding the news stories on the claim that has been documented against him, and the choice to petition for financial protection. This choice is accepted to be absolutely to attempt and get himself out of paying a large number of dollars.

50 Cent’s total assets (net worth) is evaluated to be $20 million, which is an enormous drop from a year ago, when his total assets was announced by the Forbes at $150 million.

50 cent

Early Life:

Curtis Jackson aka 50 Cent born on July 6th, 1975 in Queens, New York, . He was raised single conveniently by his mom Sabrina, who was a street drugs dealer. When she passed away, he moved to live with his grandparents.

Curtis Jackson was just 12 when he started offering drugs. He would go out into the roads and invest energy throwing opiates while his grandma however he was taking an interest in after school programs.

50 Cent been captured numerous occasions. The first being the point at which he tragically brought drugs, medicate cash and his firearm into school. The school’s metal locators caught him.

50 Cent was captured two more times; once to pitch cocaine to a covert cop, and the second illicit substances and a gun in his house.

Professional Life:

50 Cent started rap singing in his cellar, and was educated by Jam Master Jay, on the most proficient method to compose melodies, structure bars and make tunes and so forth.

50 Cent’s first historically speaking element was inside the collection “Shut them Down” by “Onyx”.

Curtis Jackson was marked to “Columbia Records” in 1999, and after a year he discharged his first presentation collection, “Power of the Dollar”. One of his enormous leaps forward came when he discharged the single “How to Rob”, which picked up the consideration of any semblance of “DMX”, “Jay-Z” and other real specialists at the time.

Around the same time of his collection’s discharge, Jackson was focused by an attacker outside his home, and fired 9 times. With various wounds, which could have effortlessly killed him, following a half year he was amended, and begin to feel that he may have a genuine reason regarding why he’s alive.

Eminem found 50 Cent in the mid 2000’s, and from that point forward he’s discharged numerous collections; and furthermore earned a lot of cash as a business person.

Net Worth:

In 2018, 50 Cent’s total assets (net worth) is estimated at $20 million.

Net Worth:$20 Million
Born:July 6th, 1975
Country of Origin:Unites States of America
Source of Wealth:Rapper/Entrepreneur
Marital Status:Not Married